My name is SCHOLAR LUTUFYO MWAMBETA , the owner and founder of SHOLA PRODUCTS COMPANY LIMITED that deals with manufacturing of Peanut butter.
Shola product Company operates in Tanzania, shola peanut butter that has become very popular because of its delicious peanut butter. Its major customers include individuals, retail seller, whole seller, supermarket, pregnant women, office workers, University students and other customers around the area.
Shola Peanut butter is a food paste or spread made from ground dry roasted peanut. It consists of cleaned, graded, blanched, roasted and crushed groundnuts containing about 45 percent of oil and over 25 percent of proteins, being thus a highly nutritive food. Shola Peanut butter is served as a spread on bread, toast or crackers, and used to make sandwiches.
Peanuts have considerable nutrients and are consumed in different forms all over the world, Consumed in large quantities especially in western countries.


Join our startup as an investor that wants to secure enough peanut butter supply to the fast growing urban population. Please reach out to to get additional information about the startup and investment conditions.


Date: 08 Oct, 2021


Location: Dar Es Salaam & Kasulu, Tanzania
Investment need: € 10,000 (100% raised)