Mkulima Africa seeds is a Tanzanian seed brand with its core at crop seeds research and development. It is one of the emerging field crop seed producers, processors and distributors in Africa. Currently we are mainly focussing on producing hybrid sunflower seed with plans to extend in producing other seed varieties like maize seeds, sesame seeds, soya seeds and vegetables seeds. Mkulima Africa seeds ensures there is access to affordable crop seeds for smallholder farmers, youth and women in agriculture.

Who are we?
We are a certified seed company whose interest is in hybrid seeds research, production, processing, markets and distribution of hybrid seeds to both small- and large-scale farmers in Tanzania and Africa. We will constantly continue to offer innovative and unique solutions for the farming of cereals and vegetables through different seeds research and development.

Why Choose Mkulima Africa seeds?
We are in the business of transforming lives. Our push will remain offering Tanzanian farmers quality climate smart seed varieties that play a key role in changing lives within the ever-volatile climate patterns in Tanzania.
This will be embedded in our full value chain infrastructure and availability of our full range of products, backed by innovative advisory.


Join our startup as an investor that wants to secure enough affordable seeds supply to rural smallholder farmers. Please reach out to to get additional information about the startup and investment conditions.


Date: 08 Oct, 2021

Founder: Helman Emmanuel
Location: Kasulu, Tanzania
Investment need: € 10,000